Econo-Loc Eccentric Actuated Expansion Collet

the Econo-Loc expanding collet is an ideal way to hold parts internally when you do not have a collet fixture or actuator on a lathe or mill. The expanding collet is manually operated by simply turning the socket head eccentric cam, which pushes a tapered plunger inside the collet causing it to expand. This design is ideal for blind hole parts, because there is not an expanding screw in front of the collet. In addition, the collet is dead length which is a must for holding linear dimensions consistently.
The tool can be used in turning operations as well as milling operations. Simply locate on the shank of the Econo-Loc and turn the collet to your desired diameter. Included with the collet is a locking ring that allows for a rigid set-up when turning the collet to your desired size. The machineable range of the collet is 2.095 inches to .690 inches. Available with  1 inch shank.
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The "Econo-Loc" Eccentric Acuated Expansion Collet Flyer (PDF)

  • Unique cam and plunger design creates tremendous I.D. clamping force
  • Exclusive Set Cut Locking Ring provides accurate preset diameter and rigidity when turning the collet to your desired size
  • Ideal for parts with blind holes and where dead length is needed
  • For use on mills or lathes
  • For bore diameters from .690" to 2.093"
  • For quick set-up when collet systems are not available
  • 1" Diameter Shank
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