Rovi is an authorized Dealer for Hardinge on their Rotary Fixtures.

emoticon,smiley,face,emotionHardinge is revolutionizing the part positioning industry with the introduction of their new 16C and 3J Indexing Systems. If you already like the 5C indexing concept, but need to handle larger and heavier parts, choose from three flexible systems and maximize your existing spindle tooling. Rovi Products is now proudly handling all of these systems and will be happy to help you with any questions, as always!


Instruction Manual for 5C Indexer

Instruction Manual for 16C & 3J Indexer

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    Dimensions for Single

Chuck Jaws
Collet Chucks
Expanding Collets
Tool Blocks - NEW!
TWISTER Speed Lathe
VDI Tool Holders - NEW!
Pierson Speed Change Pallet System

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