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Dunham Bar Pullers


What does the bar puller do?

How it works...

Features and benefits

Rovi Distributes high quality lathe bar pullers and bar puller kits to enhance bar stock puller applications. These bar pullers are most frequently used as a CNC bar puller, but are also used in 'pick and place' applications. These tools are sometimes referred to as pull up bars.

Grippers for CNC lathes are available from 3/16" to 2" diameters (1/16" increments to 1", 1/8" increments to 2"), and mount directly to the Dunham bar pull shank or bar pull adapter.

The lightweight and self-activating bar puller has no moving parts, mounts in 60 seconds with gripper change in about 30 seconds, and does not interfere with other tools or cause turret imbalance. When a bar puller is used, the lathe turret no longer acts as a stock stop, reducing turret degradation and eliminating expensive, space-consuming, high maintenance bar feeds.

Employing a shank (available in seven diameters from 1/2" to 1 1/2") that is clamped in the lathe turret in the same manner as a boring bar, the grippers are hand turned onto the shank thread or onto adapters that attach to the shank to accept smaller diameter grippers. These self-activated grippers are slotted like standard collets and, as they advance over the bar to be pulled, are forced open to firmly grasp the bar for pulling out of the spindle to a programmed length. Only 1/4" bar engagement is needed. Gripping and release of the bar are automatic when the turret is advanced and retracted. CNC bar pull components are available individually or in kits. Bar pull shanks should be specified to the size of the boring tool holders.

  1. Mount shank in turret; screw on adapter (if required) and gripper.
  2. Insert bar through back of spindle and clamp with collet or chuck.
  3. Face off minimum 1/4" projection using parting off command in CNC program.
  4. Index turret to bar pull and traverse turret toward spindle for programmed distance, sliding gripper over stock.
  5. Release clamping pressure on bar.
  6. Retract turret programmed distance.
  7. Reclamp Bar.
  8. Retract turret sufficiently to clear gripper from bar.
  9. Begin programmed machining cycle.
  10. Repeat until all of bar is used.
  • Bar pull shanks fit in most boring tool holders
  • Low cost bar pull gripper replacements
  • Pull bar to last usable part length
  • Pull positions bar +/- 0.001"
  • Works close to chuck or collet nose
  • Does not interfere with adjacent tools or turret movement
  • Only 1/4" bar engagement require


Demonstration video of the bar puller in a Haas SL-10. With limited room for a bar feeder, the bar puller is used here to automate production. It's shown pulling a 4 foot long 1 inch diameter stainless steel bar. The bar is supported in the draw tube by a spindle liner made from PVC pipe.

Bar Puller Kits Contain the Following Components:


11 Grippers (1/4" to 1 1/2 in 1/8" increments) plus 5/8" and 1" adapters.

All kits above require choice of one Bar Pull Shank (see below)

Bar Puller Grippers

Part Number


Part Description


Bar Puller Gripper 3/16"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 1/4"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 5/16"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 3/8"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 7/16"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 1/2"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Pull Gripper 9/16"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 5/8"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 11/16"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 3/4"

Require threaded adapter APB0625


Bar Puller Gripper 13/16"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 7/8"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 5/16"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 1"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 1 1/8"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 1 1/4"

Require threaded adapter APB1000


Bar Puller Gripper 1 3/8"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks


Bar Puller Gripper 1 1/2"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks


Bar Puller Gripper 1 5/8"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks


Bar Puller Gripper 1 3/4"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks


Bar Puller Gripper 1 7/8"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks


Bar Puller Gripper 2"

Mount directly to Bar Pull Shanks

Bar Puller Shanks

Part Number



Bar Pull Shank 1/2"


Bar Pull Shank 5/8"


Bar Pull Shank 3/4"


Bar Pull Shank 7/8"


Bar Pull Shank 1"


Bar Pull Shank 1 1/4"


Bar Pull Shank 1 1/2"


For gang tool lathes only

Bar Puller Adapters

Part Number



BarPull Adapter 5/8"


BarPull Adapt 1"


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