Instructions for installing Rovi Self Stick Studs

Prior to mounting the studs, make sure to properly prepare the surface of your car or motorcycle. We suggest that you clean and remove any wax to the area you plan on adhering the studs to.

Take a 5/32 hex allen wrench and insert it into the hex portion of the stud. This helps to securely hold the stud while you remove the backing of the tape. Once you have removed the backing you are now ready to apply the stud to your surface of choice. Do not press to hard on the stud because if you are unhappy with the location you can take the 5/32 wrench and pop the stud from the car. You can still reapply the stud at this point. When you are happy with the location, press firmly on the head to help secure the stud to the car surface. Allow for 1-2 days before washing the car. This will allow the tape to set up for a secure adhesion.

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