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Speed Change Pallet Workholding System by Pierson

Speed Change Pallet System - Starter Package

The Starter Package Comes with:
(1) SCPS Base
(2) 8 x 12 x 1 1/2 Pallets*
(1) Connection Kit

* You can easily substitute the 8 x 12 pallets (included in the Starter Package) for any other size.

The SCPS Starter Package streamlines purchasing. We've even discounted the system so you know you're buying smart. Add to Cart and select the size of pallets you want with the package.

Starter Package $2195.00

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Universal SCPS Base

SCPS Base Features:
- Pallets locate on Hardened and Ground Tool Steel Pins
2 - Face Seal Diverts Chips
3 - Indicate along any side surface
4 - Clamp on any side in any orientation
5 - Hard Anodized Aluminum Carrier
6 - Zinc Plated Cast Iron Core
7 - Maintenance-Free Hardened Stainless Components
8 - Toe Clamps and Bolts Included

PRS Base - Click for Details and Dimensions

The SCPS Base uses two radial bearing locking mechanisms to provide 3000 lbs of downward force. The failsafe system is air actuated for releasing pallets and locks with powerful springs (not vacuum). Pallets repeat to .0002" due to the precision ground locating pins. The combination of cast iron and hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures excellent rigidity, tough wear resistance and thermal stability.

SCPS-Base - $1895.00

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Click Images for Details

Standard SCPS Pallets

SCPS Pallet Features:
1 - 6061 T6 Aluminum construction for easy fixture creation
2 - Hardened and Ground Tool Steel Bushings
3 - Hardened Stainless Steel Locking Inserts

8" x 12" x 1.5"
8" x 16" x 1.5"
10" x 12" x 1.5"
10" x 16" x 1.5"

PRS Pallets - Click for Details and Dimensions
Click Image for Details and Dimensions

Pallets range in size from 8"x12" to 10"x16" and locate with .0002" repeatability. 6061-T6 Aluminum assures easy machinability. The underside locking surfaces use hardened stainless steel for long life. The tops of these standard pallets are blank and ready to customize. For even faster setups, check out our Pre-Engineered EZ-Pallets below.

$169.00 - $199.00 USD.

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Pre-Engineered EZ Pallets

EZ Pallet Features:
1 - All the same basic features of standard SCPS Pallets
2 - Requires Pitbull Clamps (Size and number of clamps varies between sizes)
3 - Designed to hold standard widths of bar stock in ¼" increments from ½" to 2"

PRS Pallets - Click for Details and Dimensions
Click Image for Details and Dimensions

These pallets are identical to standard ones, but have been engineered to hold standard bar stock sizes in increments of ¼". These pallets are great for first op work. Each pallet uses Pitbull Clamps. Up to 1500 lbs of clamping force for ½" and ¾" barstock sizes and 3600 lbs of clamping force for barstock sizes 1 inch and up.

Call for availability and to order (800) 423-5145

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SCPS Connection Kit

Kit Contents:
- Hand Valve w/ Table Mounting Bracket
- Air Lines (20')
- Rubber Grommets
- All Necessary Fittings
(Not all contents shown)

Connection Kit

This kit gives you peace of mind ensuring you'll have all the proper components to be up and running within minutes of opening the box. Plus, only one hand valve is needed to operate multiple bases when chained together.

$79.00 USD

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