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Tool Holder Bushings and Boring Bar Sleeves
We offer a complete line of Tool Holder Bushings and  Boring Bar Sleeves to fit on a variety of CNC lathes.  You can down load our Tool Holder Bushing Catalog or give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Adjustable Floating Drill Holders

Tool Blocks
"Z Style": Elongated Slot. Head with Set Screws for increased Rigidity and Decreased Chatter. Z Short and Z Long Available.
"C Style": Elongated Slot. Universal Style! Designed to fit all types of Set-screw configurations. C Short also available.
"J Style": Two Hole Style. Requires precise alignment of Set Screws. Clearance Holes to clamp directly on the Tool.
"B Style": Split Style. Shorter Length. Clamp on Flat to Hold Tool. Used to adapt Drills, Boring Bars, and other Shank Tools.
"DD Style": Combination J and B Style Bushings.
"L Style":     Shoulder-less combination of J and B Styles. 2  1/4 OD offered as a        standard in this style.
"LBF Style": Designed for use on Okuma LB Machines. Flat and Set Screw Style. Coolant Notches on Head.
"LB Style": Designed for use on Okuma LB Machines. Four Hole Style with Coolant Notches in Head.
"Boring Bar Sleeve": Longer Style Toolholder. Ideal for Coolant thru Tools. 1 1/2" OD have neck-down Style configuration.
"5C Collet Holder": Put your 5C Collets to use! Adds flexibility, versatility and reduces Set-up time.
"Taper Drill Sockets": Have Morse Taper ID.
"Small OD Boring Bar Sleeve": Bars have ID holes from 3/32"-1/4".


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