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Stop Loc

This tool is indispensable for use on CNC or Manual Lathes when pulling the bar manually or using a bar puller (first pull of each bar) through a Collet or Chuck.

Can be used on most stock shapes and sizes: round, square, hex, etc.

The unique design incorporates the features of self-centering, unobstructed viewing and contrasting colors to give the user confidence by feeling and seeing that the dimension is being controlled. It’s also a handy ruler for visual reference.

Comes with “Standard Inch Ruler” or “Deluxe Dual Rulers” (Metric and Thousandths).

Stop Loc
Stop Loc
Stop Loc

The only adjustable front collet/chuck stop in the World!

Save A Fortune

No more fixed length dedicated shop-made front collet stops for each job.

Adjustable Precision

Gage lengths up to 5½” long holding +/- .005.

Stop Loc Dual

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