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The design of the 5C Lever Collet Closer allows for quick loading and unloading of parts on your engine lathe. This closer will operate with either 5C OD or ID collets, as well as step collets. All closers are made to order and a spindle information sheet will need to be filled out. Even if you have a common lathe (such as a Kingston) you will still need to furnish the spindle information sheet. We have found that not all models have the same dimensions.

The 5C Collet Closer Assembly includes the handle with closer, draw tube, mounting hub and collet adapter. Some lathes will require you to make your own plate to mount the support arm. Then you simply mount the closer using the furnished instruction, and you can start producing parts with consistency and speed.

C Lever Collet Closer complete

The following is a list of machines that we have done. (Clausing, Emco, Kerry, Harrison, Kingston, Knuth, Sheldon, Victor ,Webb ) Please note that this is just a sampling. For quoting purposes, just let us know the make and model # of your lathe, and we will provide pricing for you. Delivery is typically 7-12 working days from receipt of an order.

Please print out the Spindle Information Sheet (PDF) & fill out the form to make it easier to provide us with your Spindle Type & Dimensions for ordering online.

5C Lever Collet Closer available for the Haas TL-1 & TL-2, manufactured prior to December of 2014.
System will not work for machines produced after Dec 2014.

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201A Collet adapter 1.500 to 1.750 gage line
201B Collet adapter 1.751 to 2.100 gage line
201C Collet adapter 2.101 to 2.700 gage line
201E Collet adapter 2.701 to 3.200 gage line
201D Collet adapter 3.201 to 3.600 gage line
201K Key
202A Nose ring L-1 (6″ O.D. – 4-1/8″ I.D.) Aluminum
202B Nose ring L/0 (4-1/2″ O.D. – 3-1/4″ I.D.) Aluminum
202C Nose ring L/00 (4″ O.D. – 2-3/4″ I.D.) Aluminum
202D Nose ring threaded 2-1/4″ – 8 Steel
202E Nose ring L-2 (8″ O.D. – 5-1/4″ I.D.) Aluminum
203 Tube 1.342 – 1.344 O.D.
Tube over 28″ to 38″
204A Hub 2-1/2″ (for pricing only, need lathe dimensions, $35 extra for threaded hubs)
204B Hub 3″
204C Hub 3-1/2″
204D Hub 4″
204F Hub 4-1/2″
205 Actuator Assembly
2701 Collar
2702 Screw (for 2701 collar)
2703 Nut (for 2705 cam)
2704 Bearing and retainer
2705 Cam
2706 Collar (knurled)
Index Pin Assembly 2707 Index pin
2708 Knob
2709 Screw (for 2708 knob)
2710 Spring
2753 Finger
2754 Pivot pin
220 Tube and finger ring with knurled ring – fingers and pivot pins (easy to exchange)
206 Handle casting
207 Nut (handle casing)
208 Screw (handle casing)
209 Nut
210 Handle rod
211 Handle
212 Screw (index ring 213 to hub)
213 Index ring
214 Screw
215 Bracket
216 Bolt and nut
217 Connector casting
218 Threaded rod
219 10-32 – 1/2… 82 degree flat head allen

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