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The Model 20022 5C air collet closer is used for rotary applications. This unit can be fitted to a variety of 4th axis Rotary fixtures. The 20022 mounts with (4) 3/8-16 SHCS on a 4.500 B.C. The collet (actuated by using a 4-way air valve) is screwed in from the front until the proper grip is obtained. Then locate the locking screw closest to the keyway. Turn the collet until the keyway screw aligns with the slot of the collet and tighten it into the keyway. The collet is now set for use.

The 20022 5C air collet closer has a 1-1/16” thru-hole for swallowing long parts. The 20022 accepts standard 5C collets, oversized collets and internal expanding collets. This unit is a true length fixture, so if the part OD varies, you don’t need to worry about part length variation. However, if you plan on using expanding collets, you can experience length variations as most expanding collets are dead length in a pull-back design. Please contact us if you need any further explanation.

Unit is shown on a 4th axis Rotary table.

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