Short ER Collet Holders (Inch)

Product Description


Part includes Lock Nut & Back-Up Screw (where applicable).

Straight Shank Collet Chucks
Short “Stubby” ER Collet Holders 3.5″ – 6.2″ OAL

Replacement Lock Nuts &
Open-end hex wrenches
are also available
(Part Numbers In Table Below)

For use on CNC Mills

Short ER Collet Holders
  • Manufactured in USA from high grade, heat-treated alloy steel
  • Black Oxide finish for corrosion prevention
  • Comes equipped with inside back-up screw and Lock Nut
  • Tighten lock nut with a standard open-end wrench
    (no special wrench needed, unlike other brands)
  • Smaller diameter lock nut than most brands make
    these ideal for machining hard-to-reach surfaces.

ER lock nuts interchangeable with ER “mini” lock nuts of other manufacturers.


Table Of Dimensions

Chuck Part NumberD Shank DiameterL Overall LengthL1 Lock Nut LengthD1 Lock Nut DiameterHex. Wrench SizeMax. Dia. Thru ShankER Collet SeriesChuck CapacityWrench Part NumberLock Nut Part Number
SPH-ER11-05000.5003.500.470.629/16″1/4″ER11.019 – .276W-0562LN-ER11
SPH-ER11-06250.6253.500.470.629/16″1/4″ER11.019 – .276W-0562LN-ER11
SPH-ER16-06250.6253.650.680.8613/16″3/8″ER16.019 – .394W-0812LN-ER16
SPH-ER16-07500.7503.650.680.8613/16″3/8″ER16.019 – .394W-0812LN-ER16
SPH-ER20-06250.6253.750.781.101″3/8″ER20.039 – .512W-1000LN-ER20
SPH-ER20-07500.7503.750.781.101″3/8″ER20.039 – .512W-1000LN-ER20
SPH-ER20-10001.0003.750.781.101″9/16″ER20.039 – .512W-1000LN-ER20
SPH-ER25-10001.0006.100.841.361-1/4″3/4″ER25.039 – .630W-1250LN-ER25
SPH-ER25-12501.2506.100.841.361-1/4″3/4″ER25.039 – .630W-1250LN-ER25
SPH-ER32-10001.0006.200.951.611-1/2″9/16″ER32.039 – .787W-1500LN-ER32
SPH-ER32-12501.2506.200.951.611-1/2″3/4″ER32.039 – .787W-1500LN-ER32
SPH-ER32-15001.5006.200.951.611-1/2″3/4″ER32.039 – .787W-1500LN-ER32

SPHDIAGImages to the right (second image in Product Gallery below main image)
All back-up screws have 1/8″ hex. socket


Assembly Instructions

ER collet-lock nut assembly instructions

Inserting Collet (see fig. 1)

Always insert the collet into the lock nut before mounting onto the tool holder.

Insert groove of the collet into the eccentric extractor ring of the lock nut.

Push collet in the direction of the arrow.

Insert tool. Screw lock nut with collet onto the tool holder.

Improper collet insertion can permanently destroy the concentricity of the collet and may result in damaged lock nut.

Removing Collet (see fig. 2)

Press on the face of the collet while simultaneously pushing sideways on the back of the collet until it disengages from the lock nut.

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Short ER Collet Holders (Inch)


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