• Smooth and serrated versions for round-bore models (all others smooth only).
  • Industry-leading 0.062″ gripping range covers a wide range of part diameters. Collets are ground to nominal size and have a range of ±0.031″.
  • Parallel-grip ensures full-length part contact for maximum grip force, rigidity, and accuracy.
  • Can be counter-bored for increased part capacity up to 2.62″ – see QG-42 Royal Boring Fixtures for details.
  • Quick-ship specials available for custom shapes.
  • Can utilize manual and pneumatic changing tools.
QG-42 Capacity
Bar Diameter1.66" (42.8mm)
Slug Diameter2.62" (66.5mm)
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Pilot Hole Size
Part #
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5mm (0.20″)
15mm (0.59″)