Royal Quick-Grip™ S-Type Master Collets

Occasionally, customers express interest in using S-type collet pads to grip their parts. Although this outdated technology is typically not the best
choice for most workholding applications, S-type collet pads can be utilized with Royal Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks via our Quick-Grip™ S-Type Master Collets. These master collets are available for Royal QG-65 and QG-80 chuck models, and are capable of accepting S-20, S-26, and S-30 collet pads.

  • Three master collet models to choose from:
    – QG-65 Master Collet – accepts S-20 collet pads (2″ capacity)
    – QG-80 Master Collet – accepts S-26 collet pads (2-5/8″ capacity)
    – QG-80 Master Collet – accepts S-30 collet pads (3″ capacity)
  • It is important to note that the master collet must be installed in the chuck prior to pad installation, thereby mitigating the system’s quick-change advantage.
  • Royal QG-80 master collets contain four segments instead of our traditional six, requiring the use of a special four-segment changing tool (sold separately below). The model 65 utilizes the same installation tool as our standard QG-65 collets.
  • Due to the stacking of tolerances and complex geometry, the use of S-type collet pads will result in a significant reduction in accuracy. Most S-pad manufacturers will not guarantee their pads to run better than 0.001″ – 0.0025″ TIR. By contrast, Royal hardened and ground Quick-Grip™ collets are guaranteed accurate to 0.0002″ TIR.
  • The use of S-type pads reduces overall Quick-Grip™ chucking capacity. See chart below.
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