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  • Compact design is ideal for a wide variety of machining applications.
  • Use with water-based coolants, oil or air (also vacuum applications
  • Corrosion resistant chrome-plated brass
  • Teflon Seals
  • Rated to 250 psi (16 bar) max
  • Material: Body: Chrome-plated Brass Seals: Teflon
  • Max Pressure: 250 psi (16 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:175°F (80°C)

DIMENSIONS IN INCHES (except as noted)

Part No.ThreadLNH“B” HexFlow Dia “d”Handle ColorPkg Qty
BV194011/8 NPTF1.450.860.7414mm0.21Blue2
BV194021/4 NPTF1.700.860.7414mm0.21Blue2
BV194033/8 NPTF1.890.920.7418mm0.31Blue2
BV194111/8 BSPT1.420.860.7414mm0.21Red2
BV194121/4 BSPT1.700.860.7414mm0.21Red2
BV194133/8 BSPT1.810.920.7418mm0.31Red2

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