Product Description

Screw-Lock Brass Ball Coolant Nozzles For CNC Lathes

  • Conventional brass ball nozzles available in a variety of orifice sizes and configurations
  • Tapped balls can be plugged with setscrew (included), or used with Spray Tips or Extension Tubes

Dimensions In Inches (except as noted)

Hole TypePart No.Nom. Dia “D”Orifice Dia “d”Extension “L”Pkg QtyConfiguration
DrilledBB1100410 mm0.1105
DrilledBB1100710 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1101411 mm0.1105
DrilledBB1101511 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1102412 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1102712 mm0.2205
DrilledBB1103714 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1104014 mm0.2205
DrilledBB1104915 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1105215 mm0.2205
DrilledBB1107122 mm0.1605
DrilledBB1107422 mm0.2205
DrilledBB110831/2 inch0.1605
DrilledBB110861/2 inch0.2205
DrilledBB111075/8 inch0.1605
DrilledBB111105/8 inch0.2205
TappedBB1100110 mmM6x1.005
TappedBB1101611 mmM5x.80.245
TappedBB1101812 mmM5x.80.245
TappedBB1103114 mmM6x1.00.315
TappedBB1104315 mmM6x1.00.315
TappedBB1106522 mmM6x1.00.315
TappedBB110771/2 inchM5x.80.245
TappedBB111015/8 inchM6x1.00.315
Angled OutletBB1101210 mm0.110.255
Angled OutletBB1101711 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB1102112 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB1103414 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB1104615 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB1106018 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB1106822 mm0.160.365
Angled OutletBB110801/2 inch0.160.365
Angled OutletBB111045/8 inch0.160.365

The upper port on this boring bar holder uses an Angled Outlet Brass Ball, while the lower port employs a Tapped Hole Brass Ball fitted with a Bendable Extension Tube.

  • Material: Brass
  • Maximum Pressure: 500 psi (33 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°F (150°C)

Ordering: Measure the diameter of the original ball in your machine and order the nominal diameter to suit. Manufacturer Reserves The Right To Change Specifications Without Notice Or Obligation

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