Product Description

Flexible Foam Disk For Plugging Lathe Chuck Through-Holes

  • Keeps swarf and coolant from accumulating in the spindle bore
  • Reduces vibration
  • Reduces wear on chuck and spindle n Improves roundness and concentricity
  • Fire retarded for safety

Dimensions In Millimeters

Part No.Nominal Size (Free Dia.)Best Fitting Chuck BoreMin. BoreMax. BorePkg Qty
CP1203535 mm33 mm
(KITIGAWA B205, BT205)
30 mm34 mm2
CP1204848 mm45 mm
(KITIGAWA B206, BT206)
42 mm47 mm2
CP1205555 mm52 mm
(KITIGAWA B208, BT208, BB206)
49 mm54 mm2
CP1207070 mm66 mm
62 mm68 mm2
CP1208080 mm75 mm
(KITIGAWA B210, BT210)
72 mm78 mm2
CP1208686 mm81 mm
76 mm83 mm2
CP1209797 mm91 mm
(KITIGAWA B212, BT212)
87 mm94 mm2
CP12107107 mm100 mm
97 mm104 mm2
CP12113113 mm106 mm
100 mm109 mm2
  • Material: Flame-resistant neoprene foam

QPM ChuckPucks install easily.
Just squeeze them into the chuck hole.

Ordering Information:
Measure your chuck bore and order the nominal diameter to suit.
(Your chuck bore must be between the max. and min. bore sizes).
Contact us for custom sizes

Manufacturer Reserves The Right To Change Specifications Without Notice Or Obligation.

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