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  • Screws into a threaded coolant port just like a bolt
  • ±35 degrees of adjustment either side of centerline
  • Rated to 150 PSI (10 bar)
  • Sizes available to fit almost every machine or tool holder
  • Choose the orifice diameter and projection length to suit your application
  • Choose larger orifices for maximum flow
  • Choose smaller orifices when using multiple nozzles
  • Choose tapped ball if you need to quickly plug the orifice (set screw included) or to use with Extension Tubes or Spray Tips
  • Short extensions are ideal for CNC lathes or vertical turning centers
  • Long extensions are a breeze to aim and are perfect for horizontal machining centers
  • Material:
    Body: Acetal Ball & Extension: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Pressure:
    150 PSI (10 bar)
  • Max Operating Temperature:
    160°F (70°C)

DIMENSIONS IN INCHES (except as noted)

Part No.Thread Size “E”Orifice Dia. “d”Extension “L”B (Hex)AFPkg Qty
JB09005M10 x 1.250.11017mm0.410.365
JB09010M10 x
JB09013M10 x
JB09015M10 x
JB09020M10 x 1.250.16017mm0.410.365
JB09025M10 x
JB09030M10 x
JB09033M10 x 1.25M5 x .8017mm0.410.365
JB09035M10 x 1.50.11017mm0.410.365
JB09040M10 x
JB09043M10 x
JB09045M10 x
JB09050M10 x 1.50.16017mm0.410.365
JB09055M10 x
JB09060M10 x
JB09063M10 x 1.5M5 x .8017mm0.410.365
JB09065M12 x 1.750.11017mm0.410.365
JB09070M12 x 1.750.110.2517mm0.410.365
JB09073M12 x 1.750.110.5017mm0.410.365
JB09075M12 x 1.750.111.2517mm0.410.365
JB09080M12 x 1.750.16017mm0.410.365
JB09085M12 x 1.750.160.5017mm0.410.365
JB09090M12 x 1.750.161.2517mm0.410.365
JB09093M12 x 1.75M5 x .8017mm0.410.365
JB09095M20 x
JB09094M20 x
JB09096M20 x
JB09098M20 x
JB09097M20 x
JB09099M20 x
JB091001/8 NPT/BSPT0.11017mm0.410.395
JB091301/8 NPT/BSPT0.110.2517mm0.410.395
JB091311/8 NPT/BSPT0.110.5017mm0.410.395
JB091321/8 NPT/BSPT0.111.2517mm0.410.395
JB091341/8 NPT/BSPT0.16017mm0.410.395
JB091361/8 NPT/BSPT0.160.5017mm0.410.395
JB091381/8 NPT/BSPT0.161.2517mm0.410.395
JB091411/8 NPT/BSPTM5 x .8017mm0.410.395
JB091421/4 NPT/BSPT0.11017mm0.410.505
JB091441/4 NPT/BSPT0.110.2517mm0.410.505
JB091451/4 NPT/BSPT0.110.5017mm0.410.505
JB091461/4 NPT/BSPT0.111.2517mm0.410.505
JB091011/4 NPT/BSPT0.16017mm0.410.505
JB091481/4 NPT/BSPT0.160.5017mm0.410.505
JB091501/4 NPT/BSPT0.161.2517mm0.410.505
JB091531/4 NPT/BSPTM5 x .8017mm0.410.505
JB091663/8 NPT/BSPT0.11017mm0.410.505
JB091683/8 NPT/BSPT0.110.5017mm0.410.505
JB091703/8 NPT/BSPT0.111.2517mm0.410.505
JB091543/8 NPT/BSPT0.16017mm0.410.505
JB091563/8 NPT/BSPT0.160.5017mm0.410.505
JB091583/8 NPT/BSPT0.161.2517mm0.410.505
JB091023/8 NPT/BSPT0.22017mm0.410.505
JB091603/8 NPT/BSPT0.220.5017mm0.410.505
JB091623/8 NPT/BSPT0.221.2517mm0.410.505
JB091653/8 NPT/BSPTM6 x 1.0017mm0.410.505


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