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DIMENSIONS IN INCHES (except as noted)

MALE ELBOW (includes nut and sleeve)
Part No.Tube SizeThread “E”Straight Thread(Nut End)LNPkg Qty
CF151103/161/8 NPT3/8 – 24 UN0.840.695
CF153101/8 BSPT0.840.695
CF151301/4 NPT0.860.935
CF153301/4 BSPT0.860.935
CF151201/41/8 NPT7/16 – 24 UN0.860.745
CF153201/8 BSPT0.860.745
CF151401/4 NPT0.860.945
CF153401/4 BSPT0.860.945
CF151255/161/8 NPT1/2 – 24 UN0.880.745
CF153251/8 BSPT0.880.745
CF151501/4 NPT0.950.935
CF153501/4 BSPT0.950.935
CF151603/81/4 NPT9/16 – 24 UN1.030.935
CF153601/4 BSPT1.030.935
CF151703/8 NPT1.031.005
CF153703/8 BSPT1.031.005

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