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Press-In Coolant Nozzle With Tapped Hole

  • Just drill and ream a hole, press in a ScrewBall, and you’ve got an easily aimable coolant nozzle
  • Threaded holes can be fitted with Extension Tubes, Spray Tips, or plugged with setscrews (not included)
  • ±35 degrees of adjustment either side of centerline
  • Ideal for quick change toolholders with multiple ports
  • Rated to 150 PSI (10 bar) max
  • Choose Black or White body color for best economy


Part No.Nominal Dia “D”Body Color“A” Thread “B”“C” Prepared Hole
Pkg Qty
SB095058 mmWhite6M3.5x.61.5H95
SB095068 mmBlack6M3.5x.61.5H95
SB095078 mmBlue6M3.5x.61.5H95
SB095088 mmYellow6M3.5x.61.5H95
SB095098 mmOrange6M3.5x.61.5H95
SB0951010 mmWhite7M4x.72.0H95
SB0951110 mmBlack7M4x.72.0H95
SB0951210 mmBlue7M4x.72.0H95
SB0951310 mmYellow7M4x.72.0H95
SB0951410 mmOrange7M4x.72.0H95
SB0952012 mmWhite8M5x.82.5H95
SB0952112 mmBlack8M5x.82.5H95
SB0952212 mmBlue8M5x.82.5H95
SB0952312 mmYellow8M5x.82.5H95
SB0952412 mmOrange8M5x.82.5H95
SB0953014 mmWhite10M6x1.03.0H95
SB0953114 mmBlack10M6x1.03.0H95
SB0954015 mmBlack6M6x1.03.0H95
SB0955016 mmBlack10M8x1.253.0H95
Material: Body: Acetal • Ball: Stainless SteelMaximum Operating Temperature: 160°F (70°C)Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI (10 bar)

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