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1.5mm x 60° Serrated Chuck Jaws:   (Sold as a set of 3 pieces)

Compatible with:
Kitagawa® B-10, B-210, BL-210, BLT-210, BB210 – MMK HA6-10, HA8-10, HA8-11, PC-10-78-A6, PC-10-78-A8 – Samchully HS10, HC10, HCH10, HCH210 –
Strong V210, NIT210, NB210, N210 – HOWA H3KT10 – SMW Autoblok ANM250, BHM-250, BBM-250

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S – Slot Width CD – Center Distance Width Screw Size
.631″ 1.181″ 1-1/2″ 12mm


Jaws available in either Flat or Pointed style:
SP = Standard Pointed (2″ High) – SF =Standard Flat (2″ High)
MP = Medium Pointed (3″ High) – MF =Medium Flat (3″ High)
HP = High Pointed       (4″ High) – HF= High Flat       (4″ High)


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