With Rotary tables being the norm for most VMC, we offer a variety of workholding fixtures from manual to air operated.

One of our most popular items is the 5C manual collet fixture (part# 20011). This style fixture is ideal for holding round parts with a 5C collet. Being that 5C collets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes it makes for a quick and simple setup! In addition they use a true length design, which eliminates movement on your linear lengths should the OD of the part you are holding vary in diameter! This same style fixture is available in a 16C & 3J collet offering. click on the following link to view: https://www.roviproducts.com/collet-fixtures-air-manual/5c-16c-or-3j-single-station-collet-fixtures/


For those that are looking for a more automated system we have a selection of air or hydraulic fixtures that easily mount to a 4th axis rotary table. These units are also offered in a true length, or pull back design. You will need to note that should your application require an expanding collet to hold the ID of the part, you will need to choose a pull back designed fixture, as most expanding collets are dead length when actuated by a pull back style collet fixture!  Click on the following link to view air collet fixtures:  https://www.roviproducts.com/collet-fixtures-air-manual/

Atlas C Air Powered Collet ChucksFixtures



If you operate in an environment which involves short runs and many different part changes, there is even a fixture that has quick change collets. This style fixture is available in either a manual configuration or hydraulic.