If you are performing a welding operation or doing laser engraving we offer a specific 5C air collet fixture for these types of operations. The 20022-W air collet closer is designed for welding and laser applications. It can be adapted to a welding lathe or laser spindle or rotary welding table. The collet closer is actuated with a four way air valve for air open, air closed operation. During the welding operation the air is valve is in a neutral position, this limits drag on light duty spindles. The unit can operate standard 5C collets, internal collet heads and oversized machineable collet heads. The unit is supplied with a 5C collet wrench. There are four 3/8-16 threaded holes 90 degrees apart on a 4.500” bolt circle for attaching to a fixture plate. The air ports are 1/8-27 pipe threads.  For more information please contact (Ron Posen) ron@roviproducts.com / 800-423-5145

5C air collet fixtures on a welding machine