Product Description

The new standard. Raising the industry standard for excellence and quality.


  • 8″Full length opening
  • Machined steel handle
  • Hardened jaws
  • Closer Tolerances
  • Power coated Body


  • 6″/152mm jaw width.
  • The bed height of each vise is 2.875″ (73.025mm) within +/-.0005 (+/-0.0127)
  • Stress relieved 80.000psi ductile iron vise body.Flame hardened vise bed.
  • All machine surfaces are square and parallel within .001″/.025mm.
  • Non-lifting movable jaw design.
  • Semi-hard nickel-plated steel screw.
  • Needle bearing facilitates greater clamping pressure and ease of use.
  • 80 pound(lbs) shipping weight.

Ordering Information

Vise: VI-6mag
Swivel Base VI-SB1012
Extra Handle VI-HDL1060
Extra Jaws VI-JAW1060
Soft Jaws VI-JSO1060
Step Jaws VI-JST1060

Vise accesories: Vise Stop

The Pro-Stop is the ultimate Vise Stop for quick and easy setups for shops of all sizes.

Designed and engineered to last, the body is made from 6061-T6 and pivot components are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting and insure accuracy. Friction O-rings provide smooth, precise adjustments and a spring loaded Tee-nut helps aide with installation.

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