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5C, 16C & 3J Air Collet Chucks

These Air Collet Chucks are designed for secondary chucking - not for through work - Accepts all 5C collets and Rovi expanding internal collets for I.D holding from .065" to 6" diameters. Models also available for 2J, 3J and 16C collets.

Adjustable Concentricity screws permit adjusting to 0.0005" TIR. Internal stops eliminate length changes due to drawback. Foot or hand valve frees hands for efficient part handling. Special air union permits spindle speeds to 3500 rpm. Heat is not generated in the "Air Collet Chuck" due to external mounting of air union.

Collet sticking is eliminated by spring-loaded piston. Shop air pressure activates large piston, closing the collet. The piston is spring-loaded and returns when air pressure is exhausted.

  • Uses only 1 air line through the spindle to lathe chuck
  • Standard shop air operates air collet chucks
  • Power factor: 15 times the pressure, i.e. at 100 psi line pressure exerts a pull force of more than 1,500 lbs. on collet air chuck
  • Simple face plate mounting or special spindle mounts to suit customer requirements
  • Built-in concentricity flange permits adjusting concentricity to new standards of collet accuracy improving TIR of all collets
  • Collet gripping power can be uniformly controlled by regulating air pressure
  • Lightweight - air collet chucks weighs approximately 9 lbs. No frictional heat is generated by lathe chuck
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Air Collet Chucks
Part Number Part Description
ACC5C4T 5C Air Collet Chuck with 4 degree tapered nose
ACC5C2-3/16T 5C Air Collet Chuck with 2 3/16" threaded nose
ACC2J 2J Air Collet Chuck
ACC3J 3J Air Collet Chuck
ACC16C 16C Air Collet Chuck
Chuck Style
"A" Dia.
"B" Dim.
"C" Dim.
2.18 THD
Air Collet Chuck Accessories
CC1301 Thru hole for non-rotating applications only (for all sizes)
ACC-3HV-KIT 3-Way Hand Valve Air regulator gage and one hose 36" long
ACC-3FV-KIT 3-Way Foot Valve Air regulator gage and one hose 72" long
ACCAU Rotating Union
CENTER PLUG Centering Plug
ACC WRENCH Collet Wrench
Spindle Mounting Adapters quoted on request.

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