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Accu-Tapper Portable Tapping Machine

Order A Accu-Tapper Portable Tapping Machine If you’re ready to maximize your shop’s profitability, you’re ready for the Accu-Tapper. After all, in a machining setup, the key to increasing profit margins starts with using the most cost-effective equipment. The Accu-Tapper Portable Tapping Machine is designed to eliminate the costly and time consuming tapping and chamfering operations that are done on

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Chuck Jaws, Aluminum and Steel

We Offer Lathe Chuck Jaws Rovi Products is a premier manufacture and distributor of Lathe Chuck Jaws for Kitagawa, Samchully, LMC, Buck and other lathe chuck manufacturers. These lathe Jaws are available in Metric Serrated (1.5mm x 60°), English (.0625” x 90°) and Standard American Tongue & Groove Style. Available for lathe chuck sizes 4” to 15” in diameter from 1018 steel and 6061 aluminum, in standard

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Expanding Collets for Mill Applications

Collets For Mill Applications – Internal ID Xpansion® Clamps The ID Xpansion clamp is the ideal way to hold multiple parts on an inside diameter for multiple machining on a vertical machining center or a horizontal machining center. These machinable clamps are produced in 10 sizes and can hold internal diameters from under 3/16ths inches to over 4 inches. They

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Bushing & Boring Bar Sleeves

We offer a line of Tool Holder Bushings and Boring bar Sleeves in a variety of styles and sizes. All Holders and boring bars are manufactured using alloy steel and precision machined and ground concentric. These Bushings and Sleeves are ideal for reducing the ID of your Tool Holder to accommodate your different size boring bars. If you do not

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5c Multiple Collet fixtures

Multiple Collet Fixtures   The 4 Station 5C Collet Block is designed to be used either with a 4th axis rotary indexer, or as a stand alone unit. You can mount the unit into a standard vise or similar type fixture. The 6 & 8 station units can be mounted to a plate for your vertical machining center or to

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Bar Pullers

Grippers for CNC lathes are available from 1/8″ to 2″ diameters (1/16″ increments) as well as 2 1/4″ & 2 1/2″ sizes and mount directly to the bar pull shank or bar pull adapters. Call to order – (800) 423-5145 Or click here to purchase. Rovi Products Inc. Rovi Products Inc. was founded in 1965, under the innovative guidance of Eric Posen. You want your machine shop

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Order a Power Chuck

Order A Power Chuck Today Both Kitagawa® and Strong Chucks offer power chucks from 4″ to 18″ diameter in two or three jaw configurations. In addition, you will find that they have a wide selection of hydraulic actuators should you need to replace your existing one. We also represent the following manufactures: Buck, SMW, Autoblok, Pratt Burnerd and Samchully. As always, please feel free

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5C Air Collet Closer For Haas TL-1 and TL-2

5C Air Collet Closer For Haas TL-1 And Haas TL-2 (Complete) Rovi Products is now offering an air operated 5C Lever Collet Closer to fit your Haas TL-1 or TL-2 Lathe. This is a rear mounted unit that uses a draw bar to pull back the collet. Kit includes all mounting hardware including the hand valve, air regulator and hoses.

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Collet Accessories

                         The 5C collet stop will fit any 5C collet with ID threads. Manufactured by Rovi, using alloy steel and Black-oxided. The stop consist of a Threaded body, lock nut and 1/2″-20 threaded rod 4-3/8″ long. 5C collet extension tube. This tube is used when your part length exceeds the

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What is an Expanding Collet?

  An expanding collet is a specialized type of workholding device used in machining operations to secure a workpiece. It consists of a cylindrical sleeve or tube with longitudinal slots or cuts, which allow it to expand when a force is applied. The collet is typically inserted into a collet chuck or fixture and tightened to grip the workpiece securely.

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What is a Collet Chuck?

  A hydraulic collet chuck is a type of workholding device used in machining operations, particularly in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining. It is designed to securely hold and clamp a workpiece in place during machining processes, providing stability and accuracy. The hydraulic collet chuck consists of three main components: the chuck body, the collet, and the hydraulic actuator. The

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What is a Chuck Jaw?

  A chuck jaw, also known as a lathe chuck jaw or simply a jaw, is a component of a lathe chuck. A lathe chuck is a device used in metalworking to securely hold and rotate a workpiece while it is being machined or shaped. The chuck jaws are the movable components of the chuck that grip the workpiece. Chuck

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