Product Description

Tapping, Thread Chasing, Deburring, Chamfering, Assembly & Polishing

What The Accu-Tapper Can Do For You!!
If you’re ready to maximize your shop’s profitability, you’re ready for the Accu-Tapper. After all, in a machining setup, the key to increasing profit margins starts with using the most cost-effective equipment. The Accu-Tapper Portable Tapping Machine is designed to eliminate the costly and time consuming tapping and chamfering operations that are done on drill presses and CNC machining centers. Now, both operations can be completed fast and accurately on the Accu-Tapper power tapping machine. With the Accu-Tapper hard at work, your machining center is free to perform more intricate duties such as milling, boring, slotting, etc. It does not get any simpler.. Being efficient equals profitability, and the AccuTaper equals efficiency.

  • The self contained unit allows Tapping, Chamfering, and Deburring to be done off-line, saving valuable production time.
  • The dual clutch design allows it to be very sensitive to pressures applied by the operator, thus eliminating tap breakage.
  • The horizontal design allows it to do long parts and irregularly shaped parts as well.
  • The Accu-Tapper’s unique design allows it to tap aluminum and steel without any clutch or lead screw adjustments.
  • Adjustment screws allow for quick and easy blind hole tapping.



  • 12-3/4″ x 13-1/2″ x 7″


  • 43 lbs.


  • 1/3 HP, 110 VAC single or dual speed
  • Optional 200 VAC motor

Min/Max Tap Sizes:

  • 0-80 to 1/4-20 in steel
  • 0-80 to 5/16-18 in aluminum & other soft metals
  • 0-80 to 3/4-10 with 1/2″ shank in plastic

The Accu-Tapper Will Speedup Your Production Schedule!!
The Accu-Tapper is no slowpoke. The basic design eliminates the need for fixturing, and the rugged internal ball bearing construction provides a smooth and sensitive operation. This allows a quality tapping procedure to be accomplished as fast as parts can be handled. It’s no secret that tapping is not a forte of the common machining center. Consider programming time, indexing, positioning, tool changing and then tapping, and you can see exactly where the Accu-Tapper comes out ahead.

The Accu-Tapper Is Easy To Use!!
The Accu-Tapper is very worker-friendly . It’s unbelievable how such a productive addition to a machining center can be so easy to use. In all actually, the Accu-Tapper requires no training. It’s just a matter of flipping a switch, placing the work piece against the tap and giving a slight push. The only time you’ll pay attention to the Accu-Tapper is when it’s in use, making you money.

Machine Spec’s
The Accu-Tapper is perfectly suited for any industry, be it die casting, sheet metal, plastics or machine shops. Equipped with a 1/3 horsepower, 1725-RPM electric motor, the Accu-Tapper easily taps up to 1/4-20 in steel and 5/16” in aluminum. In addition the Accu-Tapper will tap even some of the smallest holes with fewer broken taps due to the design of a sliding backing-plate that holds a true relationship between the work piece and the tap. There are adjustable stops for controlling hole depth and a dual action clutch that provides instantaneous reverse with out motor reversal. The machine is V-belt driven and plugs into a standard three-wire(center ground) 120volt outlet. The Accu-Tapper weighs only 35lbs and can be easily moved around to accommodate your work environment.

All Units Come Complete, Ready To Operate

  • AT-2010A: Single speed motor and 1/2″ chuck. This unit holds up to a 3/4″ tap shank for chasing large holes. Larger chamfering and deburring tools can also be used.

  • AT-2110A: Two speed motor and 1/2″ chuck. Combines the versatility and accuracy of multiple Accu-Tappers. Allows the operator two different speeds and the capability to hold larger shanks when retapping, chamfering, and deburring large holes.


Applied pressure against the tap automatically begins the counter-clockwise rotation.

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Reverse pressure instantly produces clockwise rotation.

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