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4, 6 or 8 Station 5C Collet Fixtures

The 4 Station 5C Collet Block is designed to be used either with a 4th axis rotary indexer, or as a stand alone unit. You can mount the unit into a standard vise or similar type fixture. The 6 & 8 station units can be mounted to a plate for your vertical machining center or to a horizontal tooling column for your horizontal machining center.

There are 4, 6 or 8 manually operated true length 5C collet fixtures incorporated into one block. With the provided wrench, you simply turn each knob 90° to activate the cam, which in turn, pushes a sleeve over the collet, enabling the clamping action. Being that the collet stays stationary, you will have zero part movement.

The 4 station fixture comes with drilled and tapped holes for mounting to a rotary type fixture. The 8 & 6 station fixtures have holes drilled in both the top and front face so that they can be easily be mounted to a fixture of your choice.

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