Product Description

For stationary applications, a pneumatic closer that utilizes internal balls and inclined planes to produce high gripping force while maintaining a small footprint. The units come standard with a “5C” collet wrench.

  • Made In U.S.A.
  • An internal system of balls and inclined planes produces tremendous clamping force while maintaining a smaller footprint than pure air closers.
  • Accu-Length® operation – collet and workpiece position remains fixed for precise length control.
  • For non-rotating applications only (milling, drilling, tapping, fixture plates, tombstones, etc.).
  • Includes 5C collet wrench.
Model Number Collet Type A B C D
62020 5C 4.00 4.95 3.62 .75
All units of measure are inches.

The Model 62020 5C air collet closer is for stationary applications. The 62020 mounts with (4) 5/16-18 SHCS on a 4.500 B.C. The collet is actuated with a four way air valve. The collet is screwed in from the front until the proper grip is obtained then the locking screw closest to the keyway is tightened into the keyway. This unit has a 1-1/16″ thru hole and  will accept standard 5C collets, oversized collets and internal expanding collets.

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