Modular Coolant Nozzle System for CNC and Manual Machine Tools

  • Extremely versatile system with incredible range of motion in each joint
  • Compact design is ideal for tight spaces
  • Available with FixedFlow or VariFlow nozzles and interchangeable orifices
  • Rated to 100 PSI † (6.7 bar) maximum n Available with threaded or spherical bases
  • Vibration resistant joints provide superior reliability in CNC lathe turrets where inertial forces are high
  • New adaptors allow attachment to Loc-Line* and Snap-Loc** systems

SwivelMax system with FixedFlow end nozzles is ideal for CNC lathes due to its compactness and flexibility.

VariFlow end nozzles enable infinite flow control from full shutoff to full flow with fingertip control. They are ideal for manual and CNC mills.

Assembly Pliers These are a must to assemble or disassemble
SwivelMax parts. High quality construction with lifetime warranty.

Reversing Link Allows bases to be used on both ends of assembled
SwivelMax line; ideal for plumbing coolant to insert drills.


Use adaptors to attach LocLine* and SnapLoc** nozzles to SwivelMax hose and vice versa.
Application examples shown above are (left to right)
SM02640 – used to attach LocLine* spray-bar to SwivelMax hose
SM02660 – used to attach SnapLoc** flare nozzle to SwivelMax hose
SM02650 – used to attach Fixed-Flow nozzle to SnapLoc** hose
SM02639 – used to attach Vari-Flow nozzle to LocLine* hose

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