The style-S master collet, although originally designed for multi-spindle automatic screw machines, has been adapted for CNC lathes. This style collet chuck uses collet pads. These pads can be changed much quicker than a standard collet, the cost is lower, and the pads require much less storage space. Standard S-pads from Hardinge are hardened and ground for a long life. Semi-hard and soft emergency pads can be bored-to-size on the machine for the best possible concentricity. Hardinge’s patented style-S pads can be changed without removing the master collet from the spindle, thus reducing changeover time. Hardinge’s dovetail anchor design securely holds the pad in place and cannot be dislodged under normal use. No other front-loading pad can make this claim. The Hardinge design eliminates any pressure on the clamp. There are no holes in the OD of the master collet or on the ID of the pads, resulting in maximum bearing surface on the workpiece and the spindle collet seat.  This style Collet chuck is offered in a variety of configurations.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more info: 800-423-5145