LB Style Tool Holder Bushings

ROVI just made it simple to order LB Style Tool Holder Bushings ONLINE!

These “LB” Type Bushings are designed for use on Okuma “LB” Machines. Four Hole Style with Coolant Notches in Head, solid body, has four clearance holes so that you can clamp directly on the tool with Set Screws for positive alignment of the cutting edge of the tool. These are Heat Treated and precision ground concentric. This Universal Style is good for Coolant Through the Tool applications due to its solid configuration. These Bushings are hardened & precision ground concentric; made in the U.S.A. &– BUILT TO LAST! Scroll down to the O.D. size that fits your machine and select to order online.

ROVI Has made it easy to order all fractional inch ID sizes online below.

Special sizes to fit your machine specifications: inch-metric, metric-inch, or metric-metric available by phone.

OD CNC LB ID Tool Holder Bushings Global CNC

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