Wrench Operated Collet Chucks For 5C,16C & 3J Collets

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Pull Back Syle or True Length Style Wrench Operated Collet Chucks For 5C,16C & 3J Collets.

The Wrench Operated line features a design that requires no drawtube cylinder or collet closer as they are manually operated via a standard chuck key. These chucks feature a flat back and can be used in any application on lathes, mills, grinders, etc. for all your machining needs.

Our chucks can be directly bolted to the table for applications involving mills, machining centers, and drill presses. Lathes, indexers, and other rotating spindle equipment will require an adapter plate which we can provide from an extensive line covering many brands and types. This line features concentricity adjustment as a standard feature allowing the operator to obtain the best possible part accuracy. These units are ideal for use on the new hybrid CNC/manual lathes. Rovi can supply precision machined standard collets, master collets and pads, emergency collets, serrated collets plus uniquely shaped collets by special order. In addition, bar stops and parts ejectors are available providing us the ability to be your one stop source for all your machining needs.

Model NumberCollet TypeABCDEFGHTHD
72125-25C5.9502.6252.1884.7192.6253.5005.3430.3442 3/16″-10

All units of measure are inches.

This chuck is ideal for holding parts on the OD that require no linear movement. If you are holding a part on the I.D. with an expanding collet, a pull back style chuck will be needed which can be viewed on the other tab of this page.

  • True length for precise length control
  • Easily adaptable to all spindle mounts
  • Available in 5C – 3J & 16C systems
  • Scroll and Pinion design for easy actuation
  • Great for turning and milling (vertical & horizontal)
  • Easily adaptable to all spindle mounts
SC500-A5A5-5C SCROLL TL5.596142.146.000152.403.26782.981.06226.97
SC500-A6A6-5C SCROLL TL5.596142.146.375161.93
SC500-A8A8-5C SCROLL TL5.806147.479.000228.60
SC500A-D35C-D1-3 SCROLL TL5.409137.396.000152.403.26782.981.06226.97
SC500A-D45C-D1-4 SCROLL TL5.409137.396.000152.40
SC500A-D55C-D1-5 SCROLL TL5.596142.146.000152.40
SC500A-D65C-D1-6 SCROLL TL5.596142.146.375161.93
SC500A-D85C-D1-8 SCROLL TL5.806147.479.000228.60
5C – Flat Nose
SC500A-100100MM-5C SCROLL TL4.221107.216.000152.403.26782.981.06226.97
SC500A-110110MM-5C SCROLL TL4.221107.216.000152.40
SC500A-140140MM-5C SCROLL TL4.221107.216.375161.93
5C – Plain BackNose
SC500A-S1005C SCROLL TL4.221107.216.000152.403.26782.981.06226.97
16C – American Standard
SC160A5-S110A5-16C SCROLL TL6.415162.946.000152.403.26782.981.62541.28
SC160A6-S110A6-16C SCROLL TL6.415162.946.375161.93
SC160A8-S110A8-16C SCROLL TL6.625168.289.000228.60
16C – Cam-Lock
SC160A-D316C-D1-3 SCROLL TL6.228158.196.000152.403.26782.981.62541.28
SC160A-D416C-D1-4 SCROLL TL6.228158.196.000152.40
SC160A-D516C-D1-5 SCROLL TL6.415162.946.000152.40
SC160A-D616C-D1-6 SCROLL TL6.415162.946.375161.93
SC160A-D816C-D1-8 SCROLL TL6.625168.289.000228.60
16C – Flat Nose
SC160A-100100MM-16C SCROLL TL5.040128.026.000152.403.26782.981.62541.28
SC160A-110110MM-16C SCROLL TL5.040128.026.000152.40
SC160A-140140MM-16C SCROLL TL5.040128.026.375161.93
16C – Plain Back
SC160A-PB16C SCROLL TL5.040128.026.000152.403.26782.981.62541.28
3J – Cam-Lock
SC300A-D33J-D1-3 SCROLL TL5.663143.846.000152.403.26782.981.75044.45
SC300A-D43J-D1-4 SCROLL TL5.663143.846.000152.40
SC300A-D53J-D1-5 SCROLL TL5.663143.846.000152.40
SC300A-D63J-D1-6 SCROLL TL5.663143.846.375161.93
SC300A-D83J-D1-8 SCROLL TL6.060153.929.000228.60
3J – Flat Nose
SC300A-100100MM-3J SCROLL TL4.475113.676.000152.403.26782.981.75044.45
SC300A-110110MM-3J SCROLL TL4.475113.676.000152.40
SC300A-140140MM-3J SCROLL TL4.475113.676.375161.93
3J – Plain Back
SC300A-S1153J SCROLL TL4.475113.676.000152.403.26782.981.75044.45

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Wrench Operated Collet Chucks For 5C,16C & 3J Collets

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