ROVI offers a variety of Craftsman Industries Inc. products designed for machining with double angle collets, including:

DA Collet Holders

Long 6.8″ – 16″ OAL | Short “Stubby” 3.6″ – 6.2″ OAL

  • Straight Shank Collet Chuck Extensions (6.8″ to 16″ OAL)
  • Straight Shank “Stubby” Collet Chucks with shorter shank lengths
  • Replacement lock nuts for all Craftsman Industries collet chucks
  • Open-end hex wrenches for tightening lock nuts

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Long DA Double Angle Collet Holders  e

Long DA (Double Angle) Collet Holders


Replacement Lock Nut

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Replacement Lock Nut

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Short Stubby DA

Short (Stubby) DA (Double Angle) Collet Holders

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Short ER Collet Holders