Extension Tubes

  • Extension Tubes can be used in a wide variety of our tapped Coolant Nozzles
  • Extension Tubes install in seconds and make aiming a breeze
  • Choose rigid brass Extension Tubes to direct coolant straight to the cutting edge
  • Choose bendable copper Extension Tubes to direct coolant around obstructions
  • Cut tube to desired length to suit your application

Extension Tubes can be used in a wide variety of nozzles including; ScrewBalls, JetBolts, BrassBalls, BlackEyes, TurretJets, JetTubes, SweatJets, CapJets & BugEyes.

Brass Extension Tubes are ideal for directing coolant straight to the cutting edges.

  • Material: Brass
  • Maximum Pressure: 500 psi (33 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°F (150°C)

Bendable Extension Tubes allow coolant to be directed around obstructions such as floating tap holders (above) or insert clamps (below)

  • Material: Hex Fitting: Brass Tube: Copper Solder: Lead-free
  • Maximum Pressure: 500 PSI (33 bar)
  • Max Operating Temperature: 300°F (150°C)
Dimensions in MILLIMETERS (except as noted)
PART NO.THREAD “E”LENGTH “L”INSIDE Dia. “d”Pkg QtyConfiguration
SBT09705M3.5 X .630mm2mm5
SBT09710M4 x .730mm2mm5
SBT09720M5 x .840mm3mm5
SBT09730M6 x 1.050mm4mm5
SBT09735M7 x 1.055mm5mm5
SBT09740M8 x 1.2555mm5.5mm5
Dimensions in INCHES (except as noted)
PART NO.THREAD “E”“C” HexTubing Size “A”Tubing ID “d”Pkg QtyConfiguration
ET09805M3.5 x .63/16″1/8″.07″5
ET09810M4 x .73/16″1/8″.07″5
ET09820M5 x .81/4″3/16″.12″5
ET09830M6 x 1.01/4″3/16″.12″5
ET09835M7 x 1.05/16″1/4″.18″5
ET09840M8 x 1.255/16″1/4″.18″5
ET09845M8 x .56mm3/16″.12″5
ET09850M8 x .57mm1/4″.18″5
ET09855M10 x .56mm3/16″.12″5
ET09860M10 x .58mm1/4″.18″5
ET09865M12 x .56mm3/16″.12″5
ET09870M12 x .58mm1/4″.18″5
ET09875M12 x .510mm5/16″.25″5

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