Screw-In, Brass Spray Tips For Use In Tapped-Ball Nozzles

  • Available in various orifice diameters
  • Ideal for concentrating the coolant stream at the cutting edge
  • Angled outlet SprayTips enable aiming outside a nozzle’s normal range of motion

SprayTips can be used in a wide variety of nozzles including; ScrewBalls, JetBolts, BrassBalls, BlackEyes, TurretJets, JetTubes, SweatJets, CapJets & BugEyes.

  • Material: Brass
  • Maximum Pressure: 500 psi (33 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°F (150°C)

DIMENSIONS IN INCHES (except as noted)

TypePart No.Thread “E”Orifice Dia. “d”LA“C” HexPkg QtyConfiguration
ST16510M3.5 x .60.0620.420.143/165
ST16515M3.5 x .60.0860.420.143/165
ST16520M4 x .70.0620.540.183/165
ST16525M4 x .70.0860.540.183/165
ST16530M5 x .80.0620.630.211/45
ST16535M5 x .80.0860.630.211/45
ST16540M5 x .80.1170.630.211/45
ST16545M6 x 1.00.0620.630.211/45
ST16550M6 x 1.00.0860.630.211/45
ST16555M6 x 1.00.1170.630.211/45
ST16560M6 x 1.00.1500.630.211/45
ST16565M8 x 1.250.0620.800.303/85
ST16570M8 x 1.250.0860.800.303/85
ST16575M8 x 1.250.1170.800.303/85
ST16580M8 x 1.250.1600.800.303/85
ST16585M8 x 1.250.2200.800.303/85
ST16650M3.5 x .60.0620.320.143/165
ST16655M4 x .70.0620.360.183/165
ST16660M5 x .80.0860.420.211/45
ST16665M6 x 1.00.0860.420.211/45
ST16670M6 x 1.00.1170.420.211/45

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