How do you know what is the correct Tool Holder Bushing to use on your Lathe Turret? Being that we are a provider of Tool Holder Bushings, I get a number of inquiries about this topic. In my opinion, there isn’t one correct answer. Picking the correct bushing has a lot to do with the turret on your lathe and the type of drill or boring bar that you are using. The most common style bushing we sell is the (C) style. This type of bushing is suitable for most machines, being that it has the slot which enables the side mounted screws on your ID turret block. These screws are used to tighten directly on your boring bar.

In instances where you are using a solid carbide boring bar, threading tool, or a groove tool, you may need to use the (Z) style — or what we call a Boring Bar Sleeve. These bushings offer a set screw that is located near the face of the bushing, allowing you to tighten your bar at the head diameter of the bushing. This is a must when your cutting tool has a short shank on it that will not allow your side screws from the tool block to engage the cutting tool.

Another option for tools that have a short shank is the style (B) bushing which is a split type. This allows the bushing to clamp directly on the shank of your cutting tool without the set screw engaging directly on to the shank of the cutting tool. This style bushing is usually used on gang tool type turrets but can be used on indexable turrets as well.

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