From time to time, we get requests to make special Chuck Jaws (to fit a customer’s specifications). An example would be an application that requires a jaw that is larger than what we sell off the shelf.

We can create custom make jaws up to 9” tall out of steel or aluminum for those applications that require more gripping surface. If you need a set of jaws that require holding a part larger than the diameter of your chuck, we can provide jaws that can overextend beyond the chuck diameter –enabling you to grab larger diameters.

We also provide Custom Aluminum Full Grip Jaws. An example would be a 12” diameter full grip jaw to fit an 8” chuck, or having a full grip jaw with an extended length. Below are some photos of custom designs that we have created. Special order jaws are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks from receipt of an order.


So if you find yourself in need, do not hesitate to contact us for more info. (800) 423-5145.