Every so often I am asked if we offer our expanding collets with a rubber seal that fits into the slots. The purpose for this would be to eliminate chips from getting into the slots. Metal chips, in some instances, can get stuck in the slots of the expanding collet.  This can possibly prevent the loading and unloading of parts, in addition to causing the collet not to release upon opening.

While we do not offer a rubber seal to prevent chip contamination, I can refer you to Tooling Productivity Systems. They have the ability to seal the collets, thus preventing chips from getting into the slots. They are a small company located in W. Farmington Ohio. You can contact Tony directly for more information:  anthonypresby1965@gmail.com  440-785-6980

Please note that you will need to machine the collet to size prior to having this process done. I would advise that if you do this, to send your machined collet with the sleeve attached, so as to not break the concentricity of the machined collet. Do not hesitate to contact us for more info: 800-423-5145