Universal Bar Pullers by Royal

Royal CNC bar pullers can be used to easily automate any CNC lathe or turning center. Bar pullers improve productivity by enabling CNC lathes to run unattended, freeing up operators to handle other tasks. Royal CNC bar pullers are inexpensive, require minimal setup, and can be easily fit to any CNC lathe.

Royal bar pullers have a number of advantages over bar feeders:

  • Bar pullers are much less expensive. The average cost of a Royal bar puller is $800.00, compared to $10,000 – $30,000 for a bar feeder.
  • Royal bar pullers are easier to setup and use — no electrical interface with the machine tool control is required.
  • Bar pullers don’t waste valuable floor space.
  • Bar pullers can be easily moved from machine to machine as jobs require.
  • Royal bar pullers offer maintenance-free operation.

See the Heavy Duty Bar Puller in Action

See the CNC Combo Bar Puller in Action

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