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Universal Coolant Nozzle For CNC Machines

  • Converts any NPT or BSPT hole to a fully adjustable nozzle
  • Hits any target above mounting plane
  • Adjusts easily for accurate coolant placement
  • Difficult to accidentally knock out of adjustment
  • Choose larger orifices for maximum flow
  • Choose smaller orifices when using multiple nozzles
  • Longer extensions are a breeze to aim and shoot farther, great for Machining Centers and CNC Multi-Axis Grinders
  • Choose short extensions for tight spaces like CNC Turning Centers and Screw Machines
  • Choose tapped ball, if you need to quickly plug the orifice (setscrew included) or to use with Extension Tubes or Spray Tips
  • Material: Body: Acetal • Ball & Extension: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI (10 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 160°F (70°C)
  • TurretJets are ideal for CNC Turning Centers, Machining Centers, Screw Machines and CNC Multi-Axis Grinders.

DIMENSIONS IN INCHES (except as noted)

Part No.Thread Size “E”Orifice Dia. “d”Extension “L”ABCFPkg Qty
TJ016051/16 NPT/BSPT0.0860.250.690.50.440.315
TJ016101/16 NPT/BSPT0.0860.500.690.50.440.315
TJ016151/16 NPT/BSPT0.0861.250.690.50.440.315
TJ016201/16 NPT/BSPT0.1100.690.50.440.315
TJ016251/16 NPT/BSPT0.110.250.690.50.440.315
TJ016301/16 NPT/BSPT0.110.50.690.50.440.315
TJ016351/16 NPT/BSPT0.111.250.690.50.440.315
TJ016401/16 NPT/BSPT0.1600.690.50.440.315
TJ016451/16 NPT/BSPTM4 x .700.690.50.440.315
TJ001001/8 NPT/BSPT0.1100.820.630.500.385
TJ001301/8 NPT/BSPT0.110.250.820.630.500.385
TJ001311/8 NPT/BSPT0.110.500.820.630.500.385
TJ001321/8 NPT/BSPT0.111.250.820.630.500.385
TJ001341/8 NPT/BSPT0.1600.820.630.500.385
TJ001361/8 NPT/BSPT0.160.500.820.630.500.385
TJ001381/8 NPT/BSPT0.161.250.820.630.500.385
TJ001411/8 NPT/BSPTM5 x .800.820.630.500.385
TJ001421/4 NPT/BSPT0.1100.940.750.630.445
TJ001441/4 NPT/BSPT0.110.250.940.750.630.445
TJ001451/4 NPT/BSPT0.110.500.940.750.630.445
TJ001461/4 NPT/BSPT0.111.250.940.750.630.445
TJ001011/4 NPT/BSPT0.1600.940.750.630.445
TJ001481/4 NPT/BSPT0.160.500.940.750.630.445
TJ001501/4 NPT/BSPT0.161.250.940.750.630.445
TJ001531/4 NPT/BSPTM5 x .800.940.750.630.445
TJ001663/8 NPT/BSPT0.1101.130.880.750.505
TJ001703/8 NPT/BSPT0.
TJ001543/8 NPT/BSPT0.1601.130.880.750.505
TJ001563/8 NPT/BSPT0.160.501.130.880.750.505
TJ001583/8 NPT/BSPT0.
TJ001023/8 NPT/BSPT0.2201.130.880.750.505
TJ001603/8 NPT/BSPT0.220.501.130.880.750.505
TJ001623/8 NPT/BSPT0.
TJ001653/8 NPT/BSPTM6 x


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